Frequently Asked Questions



Who can be a Member?

Tourism and Hospitality Stakeholders

  • a) Hotels
  • b) Resorts
  • c) Travel Inns, Pension
  • Houses and Aprartelles
  • d) Restaurants
  • e) Hospitality School
  • f) Vendors
    • i. Hotel Amenities Suppliers
    • ii. Manpower Agencies
    • iii. Property Management System
    • iv. Hotel System
    • v. Consultants
How to Apply?
  • a) Fill-up Application Form – on line google form
  • b) Form Link
  • c) Submit the following requirements
    Requirements for HRRACI application: To ensure complete processing of your
    Membership kindly complete the submission of the following requirements:
    • i. Duly Accomplished Application Form (3 copies)
    • ii. Photocopy of DTI Registration (2 copies)
    • iii. Mayor’s Permit – recent/renewed (2 copies)
    • iv. 2”x2” recent photo of the Official Representative (2 copies)
    • v. Picture of Establishment and/or Marketing Collaterals / Fact Sheet (2 copies)
    • vi. Payment – ON LINE
Contact Information

During this Pandemic we we are virtual

Can you tell me about your business?
  • a) The leading Hospitality and Tourism organization in Cebu since 1984
  • b) Cluster of Hotels, Resorts, Pension Houses, Inns, Restaurant, Academe and Suppliers
  • c) Voice of the Hospitality and Tourism in Cebu


What do we do?
  • a) We promote professionalism, collaboration, resiliency and sustainable activities in the
    hospitality industry.
  • b) We serve as center for learning and upgrading the industry’s services.
    • We sponsor Quarterly General Membership Meetings for Members for Updates
    • We Create Programs and Activities to promote our Members
    • We promote our Flagship Activities
      • o General Membership Meetings
      • o Cebu Goes Culinary
      • o Sportsfest for Members
    • We provide programs for members (seminars/workshops/exhibits/other opportunities).
    • We initiate events that will highlight the services and enhance training, such as:
      • – Cebu Goes Culinary – Food and Beverage Event highlighting competitions, exhibitions
        and demonstrations of the different chefs of the Visayas & Mindanao areas.
      • – Food Festivals – Project of HRRACI wherein Member Properties of HRRACI would
        prepare and present “Five Star Cuisine at No Star Prices”.
  • c) We serve as a center for marketing and promoting Cebu as a tourism destination.
    • We participate and support marketing blitzes/marketing programs that are aimed in
      promoting Cebu.
    • We design programs that will enhance the saleability of Cebu.
    • We promote programs that will protect the industry’s concerns.
  • d) We provide equal opportunity for smaller properties to be present in the Airport through the
    Airport Counter.
  • e) We voice the concerns of the members to legislative bodies (lobby).
  • f) We establish strategic alliances with the government, industry partners and suppliers.
  • g) We coordinate with members on all industry concerns.
  • h) We create a platform venue to be heard by the different sectors.
What are the benefits of becoming an HRRACI member?

During this Pandemic, HRRAC as an organization collaborates with both Government and Non-
Government institution to get updates and support such as

  • Pandemic Information, DOT DOH DTI and BOQ’s latest Pandemic Executive Orders
  • Vaccine Updates
  • Vaccine Roll-out Programs
  • Tie-up with other Corporate Accounts like Telecommunication, Airline and Shipping and
    other complimenting Corporate Accounts to promote Tourism
  • Pool of Practicumers
  • Pool of Industry Experts and Consultants
I am a fully vaccinated individual from the US, and I am planning to visit Cebu. How long will I need to be quarantined?

Due to continuous and on-going updates:

  • Get the latest update from your LGU (Final destination)
  • Your Airline for Updates

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