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Tourism and Hospitality Stakeholders

  • a) Hotels
  • b) Resorts
  • c) Travel Inns, Pension
  • Houses and Aprartelles
  • d) Restaurants
  • e) Hospitality School
  • f) Vendors
    • i. Hotel Amenities Suppliers
    • ii. Manpower Agencies
    • iii. Property Management System
    • iv. Hotel System
    • v. Consultants

  • a) Fill-up Application Form – on line google form
  • b) Form Link
  • c) Submit the following requirements
    Requirements for HRRACI application: To ensure complete processing of your
    Membership kindly complete the submission of the following requirements:
    • i. Duly Accomplished Application Form (3 copies)
    • ii. Photocopy of DTI Registration (2 copies)
    • iii. Mayor’s Permit – recent/renewed (2 copies)
    • iv. 2”x2” recent photo of the Official Representative (2 copies)
    • v. Picture of Establishment and/or Marketing Collaterals / Fact Sheet (2 copies)
    • vi. Payment – ON LINE

During this Pandemic we we are virtual

  • a) The leading Hospitality and Tourism organization in Cebu since 1984
  • b) Cluster of Hotels, Resorts, Pension Houses, Inns, Restaurant, Academe and Suppliers
  • c) Voice of the Hospitality and Tourism in Cebu


  • a) We promote professionalism, collaboration, resiliency and sustainable activities in the
    hospitality industry.
  • b) We serve as center for learning and upgrading the industry’s services.
    • We sponsor Quarterly General Membership Meetings for Members for Updates
    • We Create Programs and Activities to promote our Members
    • We promote our Flagship Activities
      • o General Membership Meetings
      • o Cebu Goes Culinary
      • o Sportsfest for Members
    • We provide programs for members (seminars/workshops/exhibits/other opportunities).
    • We initiate events that will highlight the services and enhance training, such as:
      • - Cebu Goes Culinary - Food and Beverage Event highlighting competitions, exhibitions
        and demonstrations of the different chefs of the Visayas & Mindanao areas.
      • - Food Festivals - Project of HRRACI wherein Member Properties of HRRACI would
        prepare and present “Five Star Cuisine at No Star Prices”.
  • c) We serve as a center for marketing and promoting Cebu as a tourism destination.
    • We participate and support marketing blitzes/marketing programs that are aimed in
      promoting Cebu.
    • We design programs that will enhance the saleability of Cebu.
    • We promote programs that will protect the industry’s concerns.
  • d) We provide equal opportunity for smaller properties to be present in the Airport through the
    Airport Counter.
  • e) We voice the concerns of the members to legislative bodies (lobby).
  • f) We establish strategic alliances with the government, industry partners and suppliers.
  • g) We coordinate with members on all industry concerns.
  • h) We create a platform venue to be heard by the different sectors.

During this Pandemic, HRRAC as an organization collaborates with both Government and Non-
Government institution to get updates and support such as

  • Pandemic Information, DOT DOH DTI and BOQ’s latest Pandemic Executive Orders
  • Vaccine Updates
  • Vaccine Roll-out Programs
  • Tie-up with other Corporate Accounts like Telecommunication, Airline and Shipping and
    other complimenting Corporate Accounts to promote Tourism
  • Pool of Practicumers
  • Pool of Industry Experts and Consultants

Due to continuous and on-going updates:

  • Get the latest update from your LGU (Final destination)
  • Your Airline for Updates