Hotel Resort & Restaurant Association of Cebu Inc.

Corporate Secretary

Carmela G. Malagar

CGM Hotel Consultancy
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Corporate Secretary


CGM Hotel Consultancy

Previous positions held in HRRACI


Having over 20 years of hospitality development experience, Carmela’s proficiency is rooted in standards and systems implementation and development, for both local and international hotel chains and companies.

Carmela has spent most of the last decade as Hotel Consultant for Independent Hotels in VIS-MIN area after honing her skills at Micros-Fidelio Regional Office as Micros Regional Implementation Specialist for OPERA for ASIA Pacific and Marriott International as Installation, Coordinator and Trainer (ICT) implementing Marriott
Standards in ASIA-PACIFIC-with India and Hawaii in her Regional scope.

Previously, as Corporate Planning Director for Waterfront Philippines, Inc., having put her expertise to the test in a variety of functions including Business Development Standardization and Revenue Management. She also worked with Marriott International as Regional Installation, Coordinator and Trainer.

Ma. Carmela G. Malagar, Owner and Managing Director, understands the pivotal and exciting
moments of Pre-opening Phase and Business Development Study through workshops with the
Owners and Decision makers of the organization. Strategic Planning and Organizational
Development are the key components of CGM Hotel Consultancy.